We’re Back

To School

Psssst. Can we come out yet?
If your summer was anything like ours, we spent it adjusting to this global game of hide and seek…then readjusting…and then readjusting again. Our hearts go out to everyone around the world right now, especially those on the front lines and parents trying to manage it all. We’re trying to stay in our hiding places here, but relieved school has started (even remotely) so we can get back to a routine.

Our kids are too, whether they realize it or not. Schedules and independent tasks work miracles for their happiness, and develop those all-important executive function skills that help with things like controlling behavior, organizing thoughts, focusing, and problem solving. To get kids going in the right direction this fall, no matter what their school looks like, give them a space of their own at home to work and create. And put them in charge of keeping it clean and organized every day.

When setting it up, remember less is more. A minimalist space without toys and knick-knacks helps them concentrate. All they need is a small area, preferably out of the path of house traffic and activity; something to work on–a  cardboard box can be great, or if you’re handy, check out these DIY desk designs; something to sit on; and some bins or shelves to store supplies and books. Check out our eco friendly, nontoxic, and developmentally healthy selections in the slideshow above, and help your kids exercise their prefontal cortex while we wait to finally hear, “Olly olly all-come-free!”