Old Town Boots

The Glam West

We have noticed a trend among stylish little feet these days—Western boots. But unlike the horsey hooves we’ve been seeing for a while, these versions have high voltage, Lone Ranger meets Ziggy Stardust meets Lil Nas X appeal… and we’re in love.

They’re shiny and colorful and cool with everything from sweatpants to a party dress. Even better, they come in nontoxic, vegetable tanned, chromium free leathers. A must-have for us, since it means fewer toxins and heavy metals in their bloodstream, and the environment. That’s really cool.

Maison Mangostan’s and Ocra’s are otherworldly. They’re both made with veg tanned leather; Ocra’s are also made with natural crepe soles and zero impact. Petit Nord’s starry winter metallics are wooly and warm (wool lined, veg tanned, with an Eco-Tex waterproof membrane that’s PTFE and PFC free). Easy Peasy’s natural boot for toddlers brings them back to earth, with beige veg tanned leather and water based glues. And if you prefer to avoid leather entirely, Stella McCartney’s colorful, Old Town Road-y boot is vegan. (We recommend thick socks so the polyester and polyurethane faux leather isn’t worn against the skin).

Blasting off, dancing, or kicking back, they’re going to wear them ‘til they can’t no more.