Car Seat, Solved

Safety Inside and Out

If you’re trying to decide which car seat to buy, your head is probably spinning. We’ll make that decision an easy one. In our minds, there are only 2 choices: the Uppababy Mesa infant seat (in Henry and Jordan); and the Clek Mammoth series, which includes infant, toddler, and booster models. (See slideshow above.)

How do we narrow an entire children’s category to 2 brands? Simple. These car seats not only get the highest safety ratings, they are the only options on the market to have eliminated the use of chemical flame retardants. This is critical because exposure to toxic flame retardants has been associated with reduced IQ, developmental delays, autism, hormone disruption, obesity, and cancer. Babies are especially at risk.

For years, parents have petitioned manufacturers to remove these flame retardants. Only Uppababy and Clek responded by eliminating all of them. They accomplished this, while still meeting federal standards, with the magic of merino wool. Soft and temperature regulating, wool repels fire, naturally. And yes, it really does work.

Merino car seats have only been available for the past few years. If you’re buying one now, consider yourself–and your little one–very fortunate. So buckle them in, relax, and this is the way we drive the car….