Black Lives Matter.

Our Responsibility

This past week, we have been overwhelmed with sadness. As parents, we’re all trying to protect our children and make the world a safe place for them. But we’ve been reminded, again, of the horrific, systemic failure that makes that goal impossible. When an entire population of children of color in this country grow up feeling that they and their families are not safe, things cannot stay as they are.

We founded Tucan with love for every single child, embracing their differences, and learning how we can raise them to live to their fullest potential. We now realize this is not enough when so many children are told that limitless potential is not for them. We must change. It is our responsibility to work hard to make those changes in ourselves, our families, our schools, workplaces, and communities.

We are committing ourselves to this work at Tucan. We will actively help move the conversation about race and being antiracist, and address these failures in ourselves and our systems. Inclusiveness, diverse voices, antiracism, and antibullying will be an integral part of our platform. And it will be ongoing. This is the time. Our children determine the future, and this is our time to teach them, heal our country, and change the future world they will inhabit. So that all people are treated with humanity and dignity, and all children can reach for their dreams. We stand with people of color, we are listening and learning, and we will help.