Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, model’s own, model’s own, Mini Rodini        Photo by Anna Bellati


Welcome to Tucan!  Here, kids come first. Like you, we think each and every kid is a born superstar. Join us as we celebrate these bright lights and keep them shining. Tucan brings you the unexpected, the organic, the sustainable–and anything that will rock their tea parties.

We are moms, media vets, and friends, and we started Tucan when our kids were born. Because we simply couldn’t believe what was being sold for children; and what wasn’t available. If the early years are so critical, why isn’t everything organic? Where is the mindfulness and yoga for kids? The organic shampoo? Why does everything have cancer-causing toxins and flame retardants??

Our mission for Tucan is to unearth the best for kids–covetable nontoxic gear, delicious organic snacks, the most dedicated experts, and adorable organic fashion. And because our editorial backgrounds are in fashion, food, and kids…we’re just a tiny bit choosy.

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The Tucan Team

“Countries need to overhaul their approach to child and adolescent health, to ensure that we not only look after our children today but protect the world they will inherit in the future.”  –Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Co-Chair of WHO-UNICEF-Lancet- Commission